Plastic Tube Bonding

Bonding is a great way to give your machine a polished, professional look. Color coded lines, bonded together are a proven money saver. Line tracing, troubleshooting and replacement are much easier when all of the lines can be easily seen and tracked.

Others in the tubing business offer bonding, but not all bonds are the same. In fact, we developed our superior technology in-house, and nobody else can do what we do. What's unique about our bonds is that the tubes can be easily separated without leaving any residue transfer on the outside of the tubes. They come apart as if they were never together. This is critical if you want to be able to use standard push-to-connect and other types of fittings. See what we mean. Call us and we'll be happy to send you a sample. Worry-Free Freelin-Wade plastic tubing fits and arrives on time.

  • Tube Type: Variations