VARIATION: Packaging

You will see throughout this website and in our catalogs that we specify our stock tubing in standard lengths and packaging. Our "J-Bags" typically hold 50 or 100 feet. Our "A-Reels" typically hold 500-2000 feet of tubing. We can customize this for you to meet your specific needs. Need a different length? Do you have a package requirement? Just ask us. It's all about us being your Worry-Free source for plastic tubing.

Our standard packaging process is to put short lengths in bags while longer lengths come on reels or in boxes. We can package many different ways.

Standard Packaging Options

  • A Standard Bulk Cardboard Reel
    21" diameter x 6" wide with 1" I.D. center hub
  • AA Double Wide Bulk Cardboard Reel
    Same size as “A” reel except 12" wide with an open hub
  • B Medium Plastic Reel
    10.5" diameter x 6" wide with 3/4" I.D. center hub
  • C Small Plastic Reel
    6.5" diameter x 6" wide with 3/4" I.D. center hub
  • D, L Dispenser Boxes
  • E Cut Lengths
    (not shown)  
  • J Plastic Bag

Custom Packaging Options

  • Lazy Susan Bundles
  • Plastic Reels for Longer Lengths
  • Corrugated Plastic A Reels
  • Tube Type: Variations