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Custom Plastic Tubing

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Through our website and catalog, Freelin-Wade offers more than 4,000 stock items. Nearly all of our plastic tubing products are available to ship within 24 hours of when you order them—our tubing fits and arrives on time! That's one of the reasons that we are so easy to do business with.

Another way we work to be your favorite supplier is through our wide variety of custom plastic tubing variations. Dozens of times every day, we get requests for things that aren't exactly in our catalog... and we love to say, "Yes, we can do that!" Contact us to discuss your custom plastic tubing needs.

Plastic Tubing Variations Made Easy!

Above is a list of our most common variations. Want us to jacket your wires with our plastic tubing? Maybe you'd like a special coil with ends going in different directions. What about having us bond your plastic tubing together to give your machine a finished, organized look? Freelin-Wade can do all that and more!

We make ordering plastic tubing variations easy. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your project. It will make your  life easier and you'll be surprised at how affordable the options are.


Your team analyzed the problems and prototyped solutions. Some ideas worked and some didn’t. You worked on it until you got all of the parts to work together. We know the process, and that’s why we make hundreds of prototypes for teams like yours, every month. Contact us today—we’re happy to send out samples and build prototypes for you.

Custom Flexible Plastic Tubing Options

Most of our custom plastic tubing options involve modifying our in-stock flexible plastic tubing and modifying it to our customers’ specifications. Custom variations include coiling, bonding, cutting, special packaging and printing, and more. Let the Freelin-Wade team engineer custom flexible plastic tubing in the size, shape, color, and configuration your unique application requires.


Most of our stock plastic tubing is shipped without fittings. If you would prefer tubing with fittings already installed, we have the equipment and experience to make fitting assembly a fast and efficient process, saving you time and money on your project.

Bonded Plastic Tubing

Freelin-Wade has developed a special bonding process that allows us to combine two or more tubes of any size and color (including “mix and match”). Simply select the tubing you need and we will bond them. Bonded plastic tubing makes your work area more organized and simplifies the task of line tracing. Bonding also makes your lines look more professional and user-friendly.

Coextruded Plastic Tubing

With our coextrusion capabilities, customers are no longer limited to the properties of a single tube. For example, we can coextrude custom plastic tubing with the flexibility of polyurethane and the chemical resistance of nylon.

Coiled Plastic Tubing

Coiling is an excellent and effective way to keep flexible plastic tubing organized and out of the way. We offer a variety of standard coil options, as well as custom coil variations.


In addition to the 28 stock colors of plastic tubing we offer, it’s easy for us to match virtually any color you can think of—just send us a swatch of the color you want us to match! It really is that simple, and we’re the fastest in the industry when it comes to producing plastic tubing in custom colors.


Freelin-Wade has the equipment and the knowhow to precisely cut your custom flexible plastic tubing in an efficient and cost-effective manner. If you need your plastic tubing cut into specific lengths, you can save considerable time and money (and reduce waste) by having us cut your tubing for you.

Formed Plastic Tubing

Formed plastic tubing is an excellent alternative to the high cost of injection molded parts. Formed shapes can eliminate problems such as kinking and space constraints, and often makes installation easier.

Jacketed Plastic Tubing

If you want to route wire through your plastic tubing, or bundle a variety of tubes and wires together, we can help. For short lengths, we can pull the tubing and wire through the jacketing material; for longer lengths, we can extrude a jacket over the top.

Packaging & Labeling

Our standard packaging practice is to put short lengths of plastic tubing in bags, while longer lengths are shipped on reels or in boxes. We also offer a host of other packaging options, including custom reels, header cards, and labels.


Freelin-Wade can print your custom specs on any order of plastic tubing over 5,000 feet—for free! A nominal charge applies to smaller orders. Print is usually text/writing, but we offer a variety of other graphic printing capabilities, as well.


Naturally, most of our plastic tubing is round, but we can provide custom plastic tubing in nearly any shape (profile) you need. Almost anything is possible! Our expert team will work with you to ensure that the profile you receive matches your exact requirements.


Don’t see plastic tubing in the dimensions that you need? We have most dies already made, as well as an in-house die shop. We’re happy to extrude the custom flexible plastic tubing that you need!

Contact Us for the Custom Plastic Tubing You Need

Freelin-Wade are the custom plastic tubing experts. Contact us today to discuss your custom requirements.