Build a Tether Informational Handout
When one of our standard products
doesn't stretch to meet your needs,

with a low minimum purchase quality!

  Freelin-Wade flexible tethers are made using Fre-Thane 90A polyurethane. Our Fre-Thane has a high resistance to abrasion while being highly flexible and kink resistant. Its most notable quality though is its "memory." Fre-Thane will stretch and flex but always returns to its original shape making our tethers a superior quality product.
   Tethers are designed to keep whatever is attached, tethered to a specific area. The .090 size is ideal for attaching small, light objects, like an informational card, pen or small point-of-purchase display sample. The .115" size can hold heavier items such as tools.
   Tethers usually have hardware that attaches to each end so you may then attach it to other applications. Various hardware and colors options are available with retractable lengths up to 27 inches depending on the gauge size desired. Most tethers are customizable and ready to ship quickly. We can even create a sample designed with your specific needs and ship it out right away.