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LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing–An upgrade over standard Polyethylene

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LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing

One of Polyethylene’s greatest features is its low cost.  Unfortunately, a low cost tube often means a short lifespan.  Freelin-Wade made a decision many years ago to only stock the higher grade, LLDPE resin for its line of tubing.  Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing’s greatest advantage over LDPE is its superior environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), withstanding 500 hours exposure to IGEPAL solution per ASTM D-1693 ESCR tests. It also resists cracking when used with compression or push to connect fittings.

LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing Advantages

There are a number of things that can cause the service life of tubing to end. Our engineers addressed them all. LLDPE polyethylene tubing offers:

  • Greater tensile strength.
  • Higher burst pressure.
  • Superior stress and crack resistance.
  • Puncture resistance.
  • Impermeable to gasses and moisture.

FDA Compliant Tubing

Our tubing is approved by the FDA for use with food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Contact Freelin-Wade

To learn more about our LLDPE polyethylene tubing, contact Freelin-Wade at 1-888-373-9233.