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Nylon Tubing

O.D. (Outside Diameter)  I.D. (Inside Diameter)   
.125 or 1/8 .079 View Details
.125 or 1/8 .093 View Details
.156 or 5/32 .106 View Details
.188 or 3/16 .138 View Details
.250 or 1/4 .125 View Details
.250 or 1/4 .170 View Details
.250 or 1/4 .180 View Details
.313 or 5/16 .232 View Details
.375 or 3/8 .275 View Details
.500 or 1/2 .375 View Details
.625 or 5/8 .500 View Details
3 mm 1.8 mm View Details
4 mm 2.7 mm View Details
5 mm 3 mm View Details
6 mm 4 mm View Details
8 mm 6 mm View Details
10 mm 8 mm View Details
12 mm 10 mm View Details
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Nylon tubing (also referred to as polyamide) can withstand higher temperatures and pressures, making  it an ideal choice fa wide variety of applications. When compared to other Nylon resins, Freelin-Wade's tubing allows for a lighter weight wall, greater flexibility and smaller bend radius. It is also more corrosion resistant than other types of Nylon tubing because of its ability to absorb less moisture. Its heat and UV stabilization makes it resistant to stress-cracking, so it works well in sunny areas like Arizona. It is chemical resistant which  makes it a good choice in areas where exposure to certain chemicals is a  possibility.    

Nylon Tubing  Options

Freelin-Wade offers Nylon tubing in a variety of sizes and colors. There are also a number of variations possible. We’re happy to match any color you need, configure a coil, bond up to two tubes, print it and cut it to length. In addition to the standard Nylon tubing, Freelin-Wade has resins for Soft Nylon 11 Tubing and Nylon 11 High Pressure Tubing.  All of our Nylon tubing can be ordered as straight or coiled flexible tubing.

Nylon Tubing Features: 

  • Strong, lightweight and flexible tubing
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Heat and light stabilized.
  • Resistant to corrosion and  stress-cracking.