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Coiled Tubing

Generally when we talk about our coiled tubing  and hoses, what differentiates them is the presence of a reinforcement. If it  has the reinforcement, it’s a hose. If not, then we refer to it as tubing.  Reinforcement most often comes from a braided thread embedded in the walls of  the hose. A hose may also be reinforced other ways, as with our corrugated and  asepsi hoses.

In addition to our famous Flexeel® brand hoses, Freelin-Wade offers a  variety of coiled and non-coil tubing and flexible hose. Our polyurethane Flexcoil®  is the original tangle free coiled hose. Our standard Flexcoil comes with  reusable fittings, with the option of having strain relief. Our Fre-Thane®  coils are similar to Flexcoil, but without the fittings. We also stock our  Nylon 11 coils in a mini size, single tube and twin tube.

Ask us about our coiling variations. We developed our own coiling technology  that enables us to easily position tails in any length, and point them in any  direction. The right tails mean that our coiled tubing  and hoses are easier to use, cause less user fatigue and save  wear-and-tear on your tools. Our engineers are happy to work with you to design  exactly the right coiled tubing or flexible hose for your  needs… and we can make your coil from almost all of our tubing. Just ask!

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact Freelin-Wade today to learn more about our coiled tubing and flexible hose