Spatter Guard SRT

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Spatter Guard SRT (Spatter Resistant Tubing) is made from a 94V0 polyurethane resin that has been  specifically formulated to resist against weld spatter without the need of an outer jacket. While this new tubing can be used in any application where you are currently using the jacketed version, it has a higher working pressure making it even better suited for industrial applications.



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Spatter Guard SRT Tubing Features

This resin resists oils, greases, heat, aging, ultra violet light, and is silicone and halogen free. And because it is Polyurethane, it is kink resistant, abrasion resistant, and it can also be bonded and formed into retractable coils. Spatter Guard SRT works with push to connect and compression fittings without the need for boots or skiving saving you time and money.