Formed Plastic Tubing

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Plastic tubing can be bended and formed into virtually any shape including coiled/spiraled, curved and angled shapes. Formed plastic tubing can eliminate problems such as kinking and often makes installation easier and more professional looking. Unlike flexible plastic tubing, formed plastic tubing retains its shape, making it ideal for piping, diagnostics equipment, wiring and any other application where space constraints are a concern.

Formed Plastic Tubing Based on Your Specifications

Freelin-Wade can create formed plastic tubing designed to your exact specifications. Our formed tubes are offered in 2-D configurations and can be manufactured with elbows, curves and multiple bends.  We offer formed plastic tubing in 28 standard colors and can create tubing using Pantone® color matching for full customization.
Plastic formed tubes have a range of benefits including:
  • Uniform and professional appearance
  • Allows for tight placement of components in an assembly
  • Easy maintenance and predictable results
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Ideal for production runs of any size, including prototypes

Contact Freelin-Wade for Formed Plastic Tubing and More

Formed tubing is an excellent alternative to the high cost of creating an injection molded part. Freelin-Wade’s engineering team can rapidly develop formed tubing and hose parts for your prototype or production needs. Contact us today to learn more about our formed tubing capabilities.