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Fre-Thane 95A Polyurethane Tubing

O.D. (Outside Diameter)  I.D. (Inside Diameter)   
.125 or 1/8 .066 or 1/16 View Details
.156 or 5/32 .094 or 3/32 View Details
.188 or 3/16 .107 View Details
.250 or 1/4 .125 or 1/8 View Details
.250 or 1/4 .160 View Details
.375 or 3/8 .245 or 1/4 View Details
.470 or 15/32 .313 or 5/16 View Details
.500 or 1/2 .320 View Details
.563 or 9/16 .375 or 3/8 View Details
.750 or 3/4 .467 View Details
3 mm 1.8 mm View Details
4 mm 2.4 mm View Details
6 mm 4 mm View Details
8 mm 5 mm View Details
10 mm 6.5 mm View Details
12 mm 8 mm View Details
16 mm 11 mm View Details
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Our "stiffest" polyurethane tubing, ideal when higher pressures or greater rub  resistance are required. There are two general  classes of polyurethane and both are commonly found in the market: ether-base  and ester-base. Chemically, these are made from two different polyol alcohols  that cause similar, but different reactions in the isocyanate. From the user's  standpoint, the ester-based polymer is less expensive however it degrades when  exposed to moisture. Because of this, we manufacture our Fre-Thane® polyurethane tubing using  the ether-based material. If you are looking for clear tubing, polyurethane is a great choice. Our color #10 is crystal clear.

Fre-Thane 95A Polyurethane Tubing Benefits

Freelin-Wade's Fre-Thane has a high resistance to  abrasion while being highly flexible and kink resistant. Its most notable  quality though is its "memory." Fre-Thane will stretch and flex but  always return to its original shape. Freelin-Wade began manufacturing polyurethane  tubing in 1980 and it remains our core product today. It is available in 28  in-stock colors and a virtually infinite number of color variations. Fre-Thane  is Freelin-Wade's most versatile product, with more plastic tubing variations  available than with any other plastic tubing.

See why we call Fre-Thane "Abuse-Proof Tubing" by watching this short  video: click here.