October 14, 2014
McMinnville, OR

McMinnville plastic tubing manufacturer Freelin-Wade announced Tuesday, October 14, 2014 that they now offer formed tubing. Formed tubing is an excellent alternative to the high cost of creating an injection molded part. Freelin-Wade's engineering team can rapidly develop formed tubing and hose parts for many different production requirements. Formed shapes can eliminate problems such as kinking and space constraints. The customization provided with formed tubing often makes installation easier and more professional looking.

Formed tubing reduces the chance of machine downtime due to kinking or improper assembly. Tubing can even be formed into a small radius for designs requiring tight placement. Forming reduces assembly time since no measuring or cutting is needed and reduces potential cutting errors. Formed tubing allows for a uniformed, professional appearance with a higher perceived value.

For more information concerning formed tubing please contact the Freelin-Wade Customer Service team at 888-373-9233 or 503-434-5561.  Requests for quotes and lead times can also be arranged through the online ‘Contact Us’ form or sent directly through email at eservice@freelin-wade.com.

About Freelin-Wade:

Founded in 1980, Freelin-Wade is North America’s largest independent manufacturer of plastic tubing and hoses for industries as diverse as pneumatics, dental and promotions. The company employs 115 people at its McMinnville, Oregon plant, including many employees from Mid Valley, which is a private, not-for-profit organization providing employment & support to adults with developmental and other disabilities. Privately held Freelin-Wade is a subsidiary of Coilhose Pneumatics and has been featured on the TV show, “World’s Greatest…” This video and more can be viewed at www.freelin-wade.com/videos.htm. In past news, Freelin-Wade has been received the Outstanding Volunteer Business Program Award, also referred to as the “Governor’s Volunteer Award”, Business of the Year by the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce, and was a finalist for Plastics News “Processor of the Year.” To learn more about Freelin-Wade plastic tubing, go to www.freelin-wade.com.