Medical tubing that is specifically used for blood pressure monitoring must be extremely flexible to form solid connections and prevent accidental disconnects. Medical grade PVC tubing maintains a rigid wall thickness, which improves clarity and certifies advanced quality wave forms. Blood pressure tubing and blood pressure hose products should also provide a robust seal, ensuring a secure connection from the fittings to the blood pressure tubing.
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Latex Free Medical Grade PVC Tubing

 Certain patients are either completely allergic to latex or have a high sensitivity to it. If exposed to latex these patients can have mild to serious allergic reactions that can range from general skin irritation to anaphylactic shock. That is why Freelin Wade’s medical grade sphygmomanometer tubing and blood pressure tubing is 100% latex free. Contact us for more information on how our blood pressure tubing and hose products can provide a latex free approach for your blood pressure monitoring needs.

Premium PVC Blood Pressure Tubing

 The addition of plasticizers makes PVC incredibly flexible and a great option for clear tubing. Poly-vinyl chloride blood pressure hose tubing is free of BPA, latex and Phthalates and can be sterilized via Gamma or EtO methods. It resists abrasion, tearing and contamination, and has a smooth interior and exterior to prevent sediment accumulation. PVC is flexible enough to bend around equipment and is suitable for use with pneumatic systems or water-based applications.
Freelin Wade’s medical grade PVC tubing is manufactured without Phthalates, latex, or BPA. This advanced quality vinyl blood pressure hose is also ultra-durable and is resistant to chemicals, contamination, and oxidation. Some of the other performance requirements, include:
  • Temperature range to determine compatibility with your operating environment.
  • Maximum vacuum pressure to determine how much pressure can be created in the tube.
  • Sizing, including inner diameter, to ensure the tubing will properly fit the connectors for your hospital equipment.
  • Bend radius to measure flexibility and resistance to kinking that can cause equipment malfunction.
  • Pressure rating to determine how much pressure the tube can withstand. 

Phthalate-Free PVC Blood Pressure Tubing

 Phthalates are a family of industrial chemicals used to make plastic materials more flexible and harder to break. Also known as plasticizers, Phthalates have been shown to cause damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system. PVC tubing manufactured with Phthalates can leach harmful toxins into the material flowing through the tubes, presenting a significant health hazard to consumers. Additionally, our medical grade sphygmomanometer tubing is also resistant to bacteria and other pathogens.
Freelin Wade’s medical grade PVC tubing does NOT contain any Phthalates and is completely supported by the medical community. We only utilize the highest-grade PVC in the manufacturing of our Phthalates-free clear PVC tubing products.
Please note, our blood pressure cuff tubing is not manufactured in a “clean room” environment and therefore, is for non-invasive applications only and is not approved to be used inside the human body. Contact us to learn more.

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